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How to Configure WooCommerce Fedex Add-on

Login to your FedEx account, then go to this link: Click on FedEx Office Web Services or go to this link: Click on Move to development link ( 4. Click on Get...

How to Style WP Nav Menu

If you’re creating your own theme and use adding a menu using the standard WordPress function wp_nav_menu(), you will have to style it using CSS in order to make it like the usual navigation...

How to Create a Tab

Jquery has already made a tab function that’s very easy to use. But if you have problem using such function and you’re considering of other function to achieve the same output, you can try...

Calling Ajax in WordPress

There are so many ways to call ajax in WordPress, but below is how I do it. 🙂 Add the following functions in PHP file. Add the following functions in JS file.

Display PHP Errors

The following code snippet will show php errors and warnings if there is any.